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Sunday, August 12, 2012

2012 Movie and TV Costumes for Kids

Movie and TV costumes seem to be the biggest hits the past few Halloweens and it's no wonder really with the massive commercial appeal and merchandise available it's only natural that they would be popular costumes for kids.

In some ways they make for great costumes in other ways it seems like we slowly lose the creativity part when coming up with a Halloween costume. These ready made costumes are perfect for busy moms as they're easy to purchase (as long as you get one early) and easy to maintain. Everything is in place and it's easy to wear for the kids.

Do it yourself costumes tend to take more time and is more intricate to wear especially when you've made a complicated costume using different materials.

The advantage to choosing movie and TV costumes is that your children are sure to enjoy and be excited. Everyone knows the characters and in a way it helps children to express who they are by the character they choose.

This year there were quite a few choice movies and TV characters. Let's run them down and help you decide on a Halloween costume for your child.


Toddler Muscle Spider-man Costume - Spiderman CostumesThe webbed hero once again hit the big screens in a 3D way. The story is similar but has been improved on adding Peter Parker's parent's deaths to the story line. The hero is relatively new but has a new costume look.  The heroine has been changed to the original character which we're sure delighted the die hard fans.

In all the Spiderman movies the premise of a weak teen suddenly transforming into a powerful hero is sure to be the attraction for most who will choose this costume.

Merida from Brave

Disney Pixar's Deluxe Brave Merida Girl's CostumeGirls today are more empowered and look up to characters that are strong and outspoken. Merida from the new Brave Disney Pixar movie is such a character. She's an independent and talented archer and swordfighter who must undo a curse and defend her father's kingdom.

A similar character is Snow White from the movie Snow White and the Huntsman which was also released this year. She challenges a terrorizing Queen and fights for her freedom and that of her people.

Power Rangers Samurai

The fighting group has been around for quite some time and each new release is an immediate hit. This time around we'll be seeing the Power Rangers Samurai costume fighters. There are six characters to choose from each with their own particular strength.

Power Rangers Red Ranger Samurai Muscle Chest Toddler Costume - 4/6They each have an element of strength from water to fire and their own Zords. Children will choose their costumes based on the characters they like or want to be. In this case the choices are:

The Red Ranger: Fire
The Blue Ranger: Water
The Pink Ranger: Sky
The Yellow Ranger: Earth
The Green Ranger: Forest
The Gold Ranger: Light

The Avengers

Child Avengers Hulk Muscle Costume - Avengers Movie Kids CostumesConsidered the movie hit of the year, The Avengers has a multitude of characters to choose from. The most popular being the Hulk who became an unexpected hit. All the characters have their fans but it might be that many weren't expecting much from the Hulk character and were surprised to find a great portrayal and even greater superhero turn.

It created even more of a stir when they showed the surprise ending and guaranteed more was to be expected from the superheroes.

Monster High

Kids Abbey Bominable Costume - Girls Monster High CostumesThe new group Monster High is perfect for the Halloween season. They each have parents who are horror legends and bring style and fashion to the mix.

The newest costumes this season are Abby Bominable, Ghoulia Yelps and Spectra Vondergeist. Abbey, daughter to the Yeti has an icy style wearing fur and ice crystals to keep her body cold. Zombies are the proud parents to Ghoulia who has a zombie like nature but is very much fast on the uptake with a love for reading and learning new things. Spectra, an offspring of Ghosts may have that ghostly presence but she's very popular being friends with everyone always being in the know at Monster High.

Disney Jake and the Neverland Pirates

Disney's Jake and the Neverland Pirates Classic Izzy Girl's CostumeNew to the scene Disney Jake and the Neverland Pirates premiered on the same day that Disney added it's Junior. Pirates is still a favorite theme for kids during Halloween. The Disney TV show has Jake and his crew looking for treasure in Neverland while trying to escape the clutches of Capian Hook and Mr. Smee.

Treasure, adventure, and sword fighting is everything your little pirate will want. Izzy is the popular costume and character from this show. She's the only girl in the crew and has pixie dust for emergencies.

The Dark Knight Rises

Catwoman Costume for GirlsThe final installment to the latest of the Batman movies The Dark Knight Rises introduces Catwoman. She's the newest costume character of the series and also has a new look. 

Selina Kyle or Catwoman was the movie's major success with an excellent portrayal by Anne Hathaway. Her  costume was simple but sleek.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Muscle Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Leonardo Toddler CostumeThe turtles in a half shell are back in a new Nickelodeon TV series Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with  a modern look and more adventures.

The whole gang is back along with Master Splinter and Shredder. We've got Michaelangelo or Mikey as he likes to be called who always has a prank up his sleeve. His fighting weapon is a Kusarigama also known as a nunchuck. Then we have Leonardo or Leo who's the big brother of the bunch with a Niten Ryu or sword for a weapon. Donatello or Donnie brings the newest gadgets, weapons, and rides to the group. He also knows the most about computer systems hacking into anything (that's needed of course). He fights with a Naginata a staff with a blade at the end. Lastly, we have Raphael or Raph fighting with a Sai and the toughest  of the bunch.


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